Corporate Features

We have close working relationships with our corporate clients; our collaboration ensures we meet their business’ language needs. We offer language training to whole teams, departments or on an individual basis.

Our services aim to make working with Fluencity an easy, time efficient and rewarding process. Each company is assigned a Fluencity Account Manager, who can individually support clients and provide a personal service, with the potential to speak the native language of the client.


Fluencity provides an extensive reporting system that informs our corporate clients of their employees’ progress. The report presentation has been intentionally designed to simply outline who is attending language training, their targets and their achievements. These reports include:

Live Assessments

Live Assessments are a valuable tool in contributing towards and creating the course plan as it shows the current skill set of the student in full. This in-depth assessment provides us with essential information to create the most personalised and engaging course for each student.

Needs Analysis

Our clients want to identify the skills and needs of their employees and we help them do exactly that with our Needs Analysis system. With experts in their field as assessors we are able to identify exactly each individual’s needs and skills.

Course Plan

The course plan is created following the initial needs analysis and assessment process. This is a great identifier for what the student needs to be studying and what they will be covering in their course. It entails the specifics such as the recommended course duration and course material.

Progress Report

This is a monthly report for each student that provides an outline of what has been covered within the given month and what is expected to be covered in the time following. Beneficially, a progress report monitors each individual student’s progress.

Attendance Report

The Attendance Report is an overview of all the students attending Fluencity lessons, from your company. It provides details of each student’s course, progress, attendance and makes comparisons to their recommended ratio.

Achievement Report

The Achievement Report is provided at the end of each course for each student. It outlines the student’s progress from the start of his or her course, with comments from their teacher on what they have achieved, their strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations to progress further in the future.

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