About Us

Fluencity was founded by two Brits from different backgrounds; one who has worked for over 8 years in education including internationally and the other who has worked in corporate finance for over 10 years. As they both work with international people; students, colleagues, clients and businesses, they had a genuine need to learn new languages effectively that suited their busy lifestyles.
Although they had both tried a number of different methods to learn new languages; from attending group courses to self taught packages, they found that there was either a lack in quality of the overall experience or an inconvenience due to time and place restrictions. This resulted in the failure to feel motivated. Until one day over a coffee they discussed how useful and flexible it would be to have a one to one language teacher, who could accompany them when abroad to provide lessons whenever, wherever.  Fluencity was born to do exactly this, offer online language training whenever, wherever.


We believe learning never stops; we learn at every stage of our lives and strive for improvements, to better ourselves. Fluencity has been created with the passion of education, learning and language communication at its heart, with the desired outcome for students to feel motivated as well as having mastered and progressed in their chosen language or languages.
Education is constantly changing and evolving; our aim is to provide an adaptive education with purpose, simplicity and flexibility. We passionately believe that a one to one, face to face approach, provides the optimum language training experience to achieve the best results. Fluencity combines highly-skilled native teachers, with individualised language course material, in a purposefully created virtual classroom. Furthermore, our philosophy is to deliver lessons directly to the student, whenever and wherever it suits.

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